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Our story begins with one hundred and ninety years old house on New Jolfa Alley, a well-known Armenian quarter with a laidback atmosphere which is full of life and youthful vibes in the ancient city of Isfahan. Armenia Hotel is an expression of authentic ambience along with modern amenities, a collection of traditional wood ceiling designs, ancient pillars, outstanding balconies, elegant rooms, and modernized services. The experience of staying at the hotel will provide you with different glimpses of life in Isfahan, a unique experience at the center of a historic city, where you can enjoy a vibrant neighborhood, eye-catching hotel design, and modern-day hospitality.

Armenia Hotel

Why Armenia Hotel?

The building constructed in 1831 and was inaugurated as a hotel in winter of 2020. Armenia Hotel with its marvelous 25 rooms, free breakfast, a cafe, free minibar for one night, free Wi-Fi access, discounted tours and sightseeing is considered one of the flagship properties of traditional hotels in Isfahan. It has the privilege of being in the vicinity of a 400-year Church of Bethlehem, Vank church and other major tourist attractions like Isfahan Music Museum, Jolfa Square, Saint Bathlehem Church, Si O Se Pol Bridge, Khaju Bridge, Chehel Sotoon Palace, and Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Isfahan Metro Station is also nearby at a distance of 1.8 km. It can be claimed that no such experience in Isfahan comes at all!


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New Jolfa

New Julfa was established in 1606 as an Armenian quarter by the edict of Shah Abbas I from the Safavid dynasty. Over 150,000 Armenians were moved there from the older Julfa in Nakhichavan. Iranian sources state that the Armenians came to Iran fleeing the Ottoman Empire's persecution. Nevertheless, historical records indicate that the residents of Julfa were treated well by Shah Abbas in the hopes that their resettlement in Isfahan would be beneficial to Iran due to their knowledge of the silk trade.


Isfahan historically also rendered in English as Ispahan, Sepahan, Isfahan or Hispahan, is a city in Iran. It is located 406 kilometers (252 miles) south of Tehran, and is the capital of Isfahan Province. Isfahan is an important city as it is located at the intersection of the two principal north–south and east–west routes that traverse Iran. Isfahan flourished from 1050 to 1722, particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries under the Safavid dynasty when it became the capital of Persia for the second time in its history under Shah Abbas the great. Even today the city retains much of its past glory. It is famous for its Perso–Islamic architecture, grand boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, tiled mosques, and minarets. Isfahan also has many historical buildings, monuments, paintings and artefacts. The fame of Isfahan led to the Persian pun and proverb " Isfahan is half of the world."

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